Planning on watching the eclipse from Canada?

Montreal will see a short totality, its first since 1925.  (Image credit: Walter Bibikow / Getty Images)

We’ve rounded up some of the best viewing locations in Canada to watch the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. 

“It’s going to be a huge event because even though totality is only coming to the south of Canada, everybody in the country will see a partial eclipse,” Olivier Hernandez, director of the Rio Tinto Alcan Planétarium in Montreal, told “That has not happened for over 30 years.”  

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Here’s why the sun’s corona should look its spectacular spiky best during April’s eclipse

This image shows the solar corona during totality close to the solar minimum in 2017. (Image credit: john finney photography via Getty Images)

A dramatic view of the sun at’ solar maximum’ will await eclipse-chasers on April 8, 2024, during North America’s total solar eclipse

Only those within a 125-mile (200 km) wide path of totality can glimpse the sun’s corona — its hotter outer atmosphere — with their naked eyes during totality. Only during the exact moment of totality, when the moon completely obscures the sun can you look with the naked eye. At all other times, precautions need to be taken. It’s a sight to behold, whatever the level of solar activity, but the latest predictions have the sun reaching the peak of its current cycle in 2024, the corona now looks set to be at its largest and spikiest just in time for totality. With cameras much improved since the last solar maximum in 2012, unique images will be possible. 

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Looking for some new kit to view the solar eclipse?

If you’re looking to purchase some new kit to view the upcoming solar eclipse, this Cyber Monday telescope deal is well worth it! 

The Cyber Monday deal from B&H Photo Video slashes the price of the Celestron NexStar 6SE Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope and EclipSmart Solar Filter Kit by more than $1,000. Originally $2,047.95 it is now $948.95.

A great all-rounder telescope and with the EclipSmart White-Light Solar Filter that is ISO 12312-2 compliant for safe solar viewing, it’s the perfect eclipse-viewing companion. 

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Celestron NexStar 6SE Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope and EclipSmart Solar Filter Kit was $2,047.95 now $948.95 from B&H Photo Video

Save $1,099 on a telescope and solar filter kit that offers clear views of the cosmos and an excellent tracking system. The 1499 mm focal length is great for exploring deep space objects and the EclipSmart Solar Filter is the ideal accessory to help you safely view an eclipse.