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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Investment in space companies hit record $14.5 billion in 2021, report says

Space infrastructure companies received $14.5 billion of private investment in 2021, a new annual record that was up more than 50% from 2020. That includes a record-setting fourth quarter, which brought in $4.3 billion thanks to “mega-rounds” of $250 million or more

Why We Should Democratize Private Space Investment

Many financial experts previously didn’t think of the space sector as an investment category, but now that’s changing. Today, few markets are as exciting as the NewSpace sector.

Bill Gates-founded clean-tech initiative funds rocket startup

Bill Gates-founded Breakthrough Energy has backed Stoke Space's goal of creating a fully-reusable rocket in the company's latest funding round.

ESA Spurs 5G Digital Connectivity

PARIS (ESA PR) — Efforts to enable seamless connectivity and reduce the digital divide by using telecommunications satellites to enhance terrestrial 5G services have leapt forward.

ESA Moves Forward with Your Ideas for 11 Pioneering Missions

ou spoke, we listened. Last September, we asked for your ideas for future space missions. Our goal was to tap into the insight, expertise and creativity of European citizens, companies and academia to help us plan for the future. Based on over 200 ideas, ESA Discovery & Preparation is now launching 11 new activities over the course of the coming year, that will together shape the future of space.

NASA Selects New Astronaut Recruits to Train for Future Missions

NASA has chosen 10 new astronaut candidates from a field of more than 12,000 applicants to represent the United States and work for humanity’s benefit in space.

Tailwind Two Acquisition Shares News and Momentum on Proposed Business Combination with Terran Orbital...

Terran Orbital announced today the successful stationing of the EchoStar Global 3 small satellite into its final operational orbit.

Promus Ventures Closed €120M Space Fund

LUXEMBOURG (Promus Ventures PR) — Promus Ventures is pleased to announce that Orbital Ventures (“the Fund”) has closed at €120 million [US $139.3 million]. Anchored in Luxembourg, the Fund is focusing on early-stage, space-related companies.

ESA Helps Greece to Boost its Space Investments

Ambitious plans to expand the nascent space industry in Greece – enabling the digital transformation of society while creating jobs and generating prosperity – have received a fillip from ESA.

BigBear.ai Enters into Commercial Partnership with Terran Orbital to Support Satellite Constellation Manufacturing and...

BigBear.ai’s AI-powered insights will enhance Terran Orbital’s manufacturing, operations, and multi-source Earth imaging offering for U.S. government, international defense and commercial clients.


Hope for present-day Martian groundwater dries up

Liquid water previously detected under Mars' ice-covered south pole is probably just a dusty mirage, according to a new study of the red planet led by researchers at The University of Texas at Austin.
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