“We don’t have any evidence.”

Cold Shower

Last year, US Congress held public hearings on UFOs, which had many people excited about the prospect that the government could be hoarding evidence of extraterrestrial life.

Well, shelve that notion, according to the CEO of the SETI Institute, the non-profit research group dedicated to finding and understanding life beyond Earth.

In an interview with Space.com, SETI president and CEO Bill Diamond got down to brass tacks on aliens — saying he hasn’t seen a lick of evidence of alien technology, disappointing UFO enthusiasts everywhere.

“We don’t have any evidence of any credible source that would indicate the presence of alien technology in our skies. And we never have,” Diamond told Space.com. “The idea that the government is keeping something like this secret is just totally absurd. There’s no motivation to do so.”

Off Worlds

Despite Diamond’s comments on aliens visiting Earth, he sounded sanguine about astronomers’ search for habitable exoplanets outside our solar system.

“Statistically speaking, every single star in the sky has one or more planets around it,” said Diamond, adding that many of these planets — more than 50 percent — exist in the habitable zone of a star and are similar in size to Earth and have a rocky surface, making them possibly fertile ground for life.

“That implies the existence of tens of billions of potentially habitable worlds in our galaxy alone,” he said. “So indeed, the statistical probability that we are alone in the Universe is zero. Surely there is life beyond Earth!”

The Pentagon recently released a report finding no evidence of intelligent interstellar life visiting the planet after examining claims of UFOs between 1945 and 2023.

No matter the lack of evidence from the Pentagon or the cold shower from experts like Diamond, the enthusiasm for finding aliens hasn’t dimmed at all.

Just yesterday, Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) accused the federal government of covering up evidence of aliens.

“There are tens of millions of dollars that we’ve spent investigating these things,” he told NewsNation’s TV show The Hill. “We’ve had departments tell us that they have recovery units, but they won’t release full reports. Everything’s covered up.”

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