What are they getting told?


The House Oversight Committee is going to get a briefing on unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs) soon — though, of course, the public won’t be privy to anything they learn.

As Axios reports, the members-only briefing will be held by the intelligence community’s inspector general. Though that outlet did not give an exact date for the hearing, a similar notice obtained by The Messenger suggests it’ll be held next Tuesday.

This upcoming, closed-door hearing seems to be a response to a bipartisan effort to get the feds to open up more about what the government knows about “unidentified flying objects” or UFOs, which has included both the establishment of new offices to track and report on these sightings and claims of ongoing government coverups.

Whistleblower Blues

Though one could trace this entire process back to the Obama administration, when a series of quiet leaks from the intelligence and military communities began confirming suspicions that the government has more information about UAPs than it lets on, this current iteration seems to have been spurred on by a more recent whistleblower.

Last summer, former Air Force pilot and intelligence community member David Grusch made some incredible allegations, first to journalists and later in a public hearing before the House Oversight Committee, including that the US government has reverse-engineered alien crafts — some, per his claims, with dead, non-human “pilots” inside of them.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of experts — as well as space doomer William Shatner — called bull on Grusch’s evidence-free claims. But all the same, they did raise enough eyebrows for Congressional truth-seekers to call on the intelligence community to provide more information about so-called “UAP retrieval programs.”

As with everything in government, it took some time to get a response from the Office of Inspector General of the Intelligence Community — which, if we’re being honest here, sounds a lot like a made-up “King of Spies”-style agency — and there’s little doubt that whatever the House Oversight Committee learns will remain classified.

Nevertheless, it is a pretty big deal that the slow drip of government UFO intel has gone from blink-and-you’ll-miss-it reporting during the tumult of the Trump years to being the subject of hearings both private and public before Congress.

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