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Xenomorph queen preys on a dark world in Marvel’s ‘Alien Annual #1’

Marvel Comics is launching a shocking alien smackdown in October when the new double-sized “Alien Annual #1” hits newsstands and comic shops with a special solo issue brimming with those notorious nightmarish xenomorphs first spawned from director Ridley Scott’s classic horror-sci-fi film “Alien” way back in 1979.

Arriving on October 4, 2023, “Alien Annual #1” is written by Declan Shalvey in collaboration with illustrator Danny Earls. Shalvey is the co-architect behind Marvel’s recently relaunched “Alien” series, which is injected with riveting artwork from Andrea Broccardo and takes place on a remote frozen moon where scientists have awoken a wicked xenomorph subspecies that was snoozing quietly beneath the ice. Now the prime brood is back and brought mom along to bolster their invasion.

Here’s the official synopsis:

“ALIEN VS. ALIEN: PITY THE XENO! A xenomorph queen and her hive descend on a dark world. As always, they’re eager to eliminate any species they encounter and stand poised to overrun this planet like they have so many others. Until the native life fight back …”

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Cover for “Alien Annual #1.” (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

While the exact origins and behavioral characteristics of this new breed of monster are still unfolding in the flagship “Alien” title, fans will get a more intimate look at their killer kind when “Alien Annual #1” cracks open the mysteries surrounding their mythos. 

Shalvey plans on delving far deeper into these newly discovered creatures when they’re unleashed against their original progenitors in a juggernaut of beast vs. beast action that will leave fans utterly exhausted.

“Writing ‘Alien’ has been a fantastic experience so far, digging into the desolate horror the franchise allows on the ‘Thaw’ storyline with a diehard collaborator like Andrea Broccardo,” Shalvey shared. “With this upcoming annual, I get to expand on the world we’ve built with a ferocious battle of monsters by the excellent Danny Earls, whose stark shadows and organic shapes are perfect for a series like this. I promise that no humans will survive this tale.”

Marvel Comics’ “Alien Annual #1” unleashes untold terrors on October 4, 2023.

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