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What time is Blue Origin’s private NS-25 astronaut launch on May 19?

A Blue Origin rocket will launch the company’s first private astronaut spaceflight since 2022 this weekend. If you’re hoping to watch it live online, you’ll need to know when to tune in — but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Blue Origin is currently targeting Sunday (May 19) to launch six space tourists on its suborbital New Shepard rocket and RSS First Step capsule. Liftoff is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. EDT (8:30 CDT/1330 GMT) from the company’s West Texas spaceport.

The upcoming NS-25 launch is Blue Origin’s first crewed space mission since August 2022. Flights were halted after an uncrewed New Shepard launch failed in September 2022. The company resumed flights with the uncrewed NS-24 science flight in December. Here’s when and where to watch Blue Origin’s NS-25 flight.

What time is the Blue Origin NS-25 astronaut launch?

Blue Origin is currently targeting 9:30 a.m. EDT (1330 GMT) on Sunday to launch its six-person NS-25 mission, which will lift off from the company’s Launch Site One in West Texas, near the town of Van Horn. It will be 8:30 a.m. local time at the pad during launch time.

The exact time of Blue Origin’s NS-25 mission may change on launch day, as the company says 9:30 a.m. EDT is when the launch window will open. That means the company could target a slightly later time in the window depending on weather or vehicle conditions. If a timing change does occur, Blue Origin will likely announce those updates via X (formerly Twitter).

Can I watch Blue Origin’s NS-25 launch online?

Yes, you’ll be able to watch Blue Origin’s NS-25 launch online. The company will provide a live webcast at its NS-25 mission page, as well as via the Blue Origin YouTube channel. The webcast will begin about 40 minutes before liftoff, Blue Origin has said.

Given that Blue Origin is currently targeting the NS-25 launch for 9:30 a.m. EDT, the live webcast should begin at about 8:50 a.m. EDT (1250 GMT/7:50 a.m. CDT). You will also be able to watch the livestream at the top of this page, as well as on, which will simulcast the launch.

Who is flying on Blue Origin’s NS-25 mission?

The crew of Blue Origin’s upcoming NS-25 suborbital mission. (Image credit: Blue Origin)

Blue Origin’s NS-25 mission will launch six people into space, with most of them purchasing their seats for an undisclosed price, although at least one person is flying thanks to a sponsorship by nonprofit groups. Here’s a brief look at who is flying on NS-25.

  • Mason Angel: Angel is the founder of the venture capital fund Industrious Ventures. He aims to use his flight on NS-25 to “inspire children and advance partnerships with nonprofits focused on STEM in early education” in conjunction with his family’s foundation, Blue Origin has said. He has a dog named Leo, which is short for “low Earth orbit.”
  • Sylvain Chiron: Chiron, of Savoy, France, is the founder of Brasserie Mont Blanc, one of the largest craft breweries in France, and is a lifelong pilot aviator and skier who earned his pilot’s license when he was 16, according to Blue Origin. He’s served as a ski instructor for the French Air Force and a NATO pilot, earned an MBA at Temple University, studied business in Japan and focuses on philanthropic works in support of nature conservation and children’s education.
  • Ed Dwight: Dwight, 90, is a former U.S. Air Force test pilot who in 1961 was selected to join the Aerospace Research Pilot School and was recommended by the USAF in 1963 to be an astronaut, but was ultimately not selected. He would have been the first Black astronaut if so. Dwight left the Air Force in 1966 to become an accomplished entrepreneur and sculptor. His seat on NS-25 is sponsored by the non-profit Space for Humanity and the Jaison and Jamie Robinson Foundation.
  • Kenneth Hess: Hess is an entrepreneur and software engineer who developed the Family Tree Maker product line in the 1990s that was ultimately acquired by in 2003. His nonprofit Science Buddies aims to boost STEM interest in students across grades K-12 through hands-on science and space exploration activities.
  • Carol Schaller: Schaller, of Lumberville, Pennsylvania, is a retired certified public accountant and adventure traveler with a lifelong dream to see space. In 2017, she was informed by her doctor that she’ll likely go blind and has since traveled to 25 countries; she has gone on expeditions to Mount Everest Base Camp, the South Pole and to see mountain gorillas in Uganda’s Bwindi Forest.
  • Gopi Thotakura: Thotakura is a pilot and co-founder of Preserve Life Corp., described as a “global center for holistic wellness and applied health,” near Atlanta. He flies jets commercially and has flown a wide variety of aircraft, including aerobatic and sea planes, gliders, hot air balloons and more. He’s also served as an international medical jet pilot and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, according to a Blue Origin profile.

The six NS-25 crewmembers will launch into space in reclined seats aboard their New Shepard capsule. Shortly after liftoff, the capsule’s booster will separate and return to Earth to make a vertical landing so it can be used again.

The crew capsule will continue into space and ultimately make a parachute landing in the West Texas desert. During the trip, the NS-25 passengers will experience several minutes of weightlessness and dazzling views of Earth from space through the New Shepard capsule’s large windows.

The mission patch for Blue Origin’s NS-25 space tourist launch. (Image credit: Blue Origin)

What if Blue Origin’s NS-25 mission can’t launch on time?

While Blue Origin is targeting a 9:30 a.m. EDT liftoff on May 19 for the NS-25 mission, the company may opt to delay or scrub the launch if weather or rocket conditions don’t cooperate. That means the launch could occur within a short window, typically a couple of hours, after the initial target time.

If bad weather or a glitch prevents New Shepard’s NS-25 launch on May 19, Blue Origin could potentially be able to try again on Monday (May 20) at the same target time, depending on the nature of the delay. However, Blue Origin has not publicly stated any backup dates for this NS-25 mission.

As its name suggests, the NS-25 mission will mark the 25th New Shepard launch for Blue Origin. It is the company’s seventh launch to carry passengers since Blue Origin began astronaut flights in July 2021.

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