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UK space industry consortium calls for SME Involvement for satcom services

Even the UK’s space business pioneer Airbus, has teamed with Leidos UK KBR, Northrop Grumman and QinetiQ to bring new thinking and also to launch the Open Innovation – based Space initiative. The goal of Open Innovation – Space will be to increase SME involvement in UK future satellite communications services and space activities creating high value jobs and expansion.

The consortium, including the UK pioneer in space and satellite communication services that are sovereign, and major defence firms in their disciplines, have expertise in mission critical communication services and related space, earth and direction segments. With proven track records of modernising defence services, the consortium partners already engage with SMEs to serve industrial and government clients.

Open Innovation – Space may seem to boost by broadening prospective investment healing to hasten. Firms from around the UK are being invited to participate with a committed portal at to engage with the group.

Richard Franklin, Managing Director, Airbus Defence and Space UK stated:”The space business will play a very important and visible part in the financial recovery of Britain, rather than just critical national infrastructure but also day to day services such as weather forecasting and satellite navigation.

“As space applications and services continue to expand and touch everybody’s lives much more, we’re calling SMEs to engage with us further to see how we could bring increased innovation and new ways of believing in future satcom services to develop the UK’s space capability and industrial expertise.”

The consortium partners have been at the core of the defence and space sector for over 50 years of the UK using produced leading edge design, production, systems and support capabilities.

Airbus at the UK is recognized as a global pioneer in the design and manufacture of advanced telecommunications satellites and has been a trusted prime contractor for some of the space exploration and science missions on earth.

Airbus supplies clients globally including the aid of the UK Armed Forces, and also its NATO Allies, by operating and delivering the Skynet communications system with a range of space-based services, providing 24/7 providers throughout the world for over 15 years.

The consortium partners include trusted providers of mission rehearsal services and study, technology advice, goods in addition to leaders from modernising defence information technology systems.

With capacities to enable interoperability with allies, such as the US, NATO, Five Eyes , the consortium share a vision of their near future and a commitment to grow the UK’s industrial footprint through SME participation.

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