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The 2024 Humans to Mars Summit is happening next week

The annual Humans to Mars Summit takes place this week, bringing together members of the international space community to discuss a common goal of establishing a sustainable and permanent human presence on the Red Planet.

Attendees will gather in Washington, D.C. for the 2024 Humans to Mars Summit (H2M), hosted by the nonprofit organization Explore Mars. The conference, which people can attend both in-person and online, begins on Tuesday (May 7), kicking off with a panel on the innovation that will make it possible to get people to the moon and Mars.

“Over the past decade, H2M has been and remains the most successful conference focused on a sustainable human presence on Mars,” Chris Carberry, Explore Mars’ CEO, said in a statement for this year’s registration, which can be found online here. “This year we are restructuring the event to maximize the in-person as well as the online experience of the week’s events.”

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The H2M summit, taking place at the Jack Morton Auditorium at George Washington University, features a list of speakers talking about accomplishments in space exploration, plans to launch astronauts to the Red Planet by the mid-2030s, and the challenges that may be faced in achieving that goal.

“As we stand on the brink of a new era of interplanetary exploration, the 2024 Humans to Mars Summit is not merely an event,” J.R. Edwards, Explore Mars’ president, said in the statement. “We know that exploration and our instinctive curiosity for what lies beyond drives discovery, innovation [and] new technologies and improves life on Earth.”

The summit agenda features speakers from various space industries, including NASA, the European Space Agency, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Lockheed Martin, Collins Aerospace, the Planetary Society, Virgin Galactic and Raytheon Technologies. The summit will be attended by students, innovators, authors and other STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) professionals.

Registration for both days costs $495 plus a $30.09 booking fee, while registration for a single day costs $300 plus a $19.27 fee. Students can attend the two-day summit for $125.00 plus a $9.55 fee. There are additional events available for pre-registration at varying costs, including the Great Scotch Whisky Taste-Off, a coffee networking session, book signings, a visit to Capitol Hill and the closing ceremony. And those who are unable to attend can watch a recap of the events on ExploreMars’ YouTube channel.

“It is imperative that we achieve a shared vision and consensus among all stakeholders, ensuring that our journey to Mars embodies the very tenets of equality, diversity, and sustainability that ExploreMars.Org holds dear,” Edwards said. “This summit represents a commitment, a promise that, as we take these monumental steps, we do so responsibly, ensuring a brighter and more inclusive future for all of humanity.”

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