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Terran Orbital’s RUNNER-1 Soars Past 300 Days of Flawless Operation

BOCA RATON, Fla., May 1, 2024 – Terran Orbital’s RUNNER-1 satellite, a champion of versatility in the realm of remote sensing, has surpassed a major milestone – 300 days of uninterrupted operation. Launched in June 2023, RUNNER-1 can capture sub-meter high-resolution multispectral imaging and true color video, making it a standout amongst its peers.

“We’re incredibly pleased with RUNNER-1’s ongoing performance,” said Marc Bell, Terran Orbital’s Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO. “This satellite exemplifies our unwavering dedication to pushing the envelope of small satellite technology, granting users the required flexibility and image quality.”

What makes RUNNER-1 such a game-changer? The secret lies in its powerful combination of Terran Orbital’s agile platform and a unique electro-optical payload developed in collaboration with a key partner ImageSat International (ISI). This integrated system seamlessly works alongside an optimized ground system and cutting-edge AI functionalities. This powerhouse combination empowers users to gather crucial data and gain rapid insights for a vast array of scenarios.

RUNNER-1 image of San Francisco International Airport captured December 4th, 2023 at 9:53:04 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Here’s a closer look at RUNNER-1’s capabilities: 

By combining these features, RUNNER-1 offers unparalleled flexibility and
mission relevant image quality for a wide range of applications.

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