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Targeting the power electronics market that is for mission critical applications

EPC Space will offer advanced, high-reliability, energy conversion solutions to crucial spaceborne environments in software such as power supplies, light detection and ranging (lidar), engine drive, and ion thrusters. These components provide performance benefits.

Alex Lidow, CEO and also Co-Founder of EPC noted,”VPT’s global leadership in energy conversion solutions for avionics, military, and space software is the best complement to EPC’s leadership in GaN-based energy conversion devices”

Further, Dr. Lidow stated,”The joint venture – EPC Space – has been taking the superior functionality of gallium nitride to the reliability community supplying electrical and radiation functionality beyond the capacities of the aging Rad Hard ion MOSFET.”

Dan Sable, Founder and CEO of VPT, Inc. commented,”EPC’s GaN technology enables a new generation of energy converters in distance working in higher frequencies, greater efficiencies, and increased energy densities than achievable before. We are enthusiastic about this venture’s ability to provide mission-critical components and services to our high-reliability markets”

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