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Synspective’s founder and CEO comments on StriX-3 SAR satellite reaching target orbit

StriX-3 was successfully deployed into a Sun-synchronous orbit (SSO) at an altitude of 561 km by Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket from the Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 on New Zealand’s Mahia Peninsula.

Over the coming months, we will verify observation and data acquisition. Updates and details will be provided on Synspective’s website.

Synspective founder and CEO, Dr. Motoyuki Arai said, “Today, we received a report confirming successful communication for the orbital insertion and testing of StriX-3, our fourth satellite. We sincerely thank our Synspective and Rocket Lab teams for their commitment to the StriX-3 project. Synspective recently celebrated its sixth anniversary. We’ve made significant milestones, including the successful launch of four satellites and the rollout of multiple solutions. Additionally, we’ve formed partnerships worldwide and engaged with numerous customers, marking our steady growth. This year, we will be enhancing our satellite manufacturing facilities, improving our constellation operations, increasing our data supply, and strengthening our data analysis capabilities. To facilitate societal progress and achieve sustainable development in our generation, we will further our analytics platform business, leveraging data-driven and collective learning.”

Mission Overview

StriX-3 is our fourth SAR satellite following StriX-α, StriX-β and StriX-1, which were launched in December 2020, March and September 2022, respectively.

StriX-3 is not a newly developed and designed satellite, but was manufactured based on the same conceptual design as StriX-1. In order to successfully build our desired satellite constellation, parallel production, or the capability to concurrently produce several satellites, is necessary. StriX-3 is an important step toward establishing this production system while facilitating continuous enhancement, making the assembly of the constellation considerably more efficient.

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