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Redwire acquires Made In Space

WASHINGTON — Made In Space, a leader of fabricating and assembly technologies, is being obtained by Redwire, a new venture that is rolling a range of smaller space businesses .
The companies announced the deal June 23, terms of which they didn’t disclose. Founded in 2010, Produced In Space and based in Jacksonville, Florida, has generated 3-D printers and contains a NASA contract to get a mission named Archinaut You to demonstrate solar arrays’ assembly.
Both companies are best known as providers of engineering services and spacecraft parts, although DSS has also developed a robotic lunar lander and is a part of the Commercial Lunar Payload Services program of NASA.
“Everything we wanted to perform using Redwire is take a number of the standard space heritage in the small, nimble and innovative businesses out there like Adcole and DSS and unite them using a genuine innovator,” said Peter Cannito, chief executive of Redwire, at a meeting.
Made in Space, he argued, is that innovator. “The things that they’re doing are things that have never been done and actually have the capacity to change the economics of space,” he said. “That stuffed a key difference in our approach.”
The purchase gives tools to it, for Made In Space. “We’re really looking at what would take us to another level,” said Andrew Rush, president and chief executive of Made In Space,” in a meeting. In talks with Redwire, he stated,”we found a frequent language and a frequent ground around creating an organization that had great flight heritage and experience and an innovative approach.”
“There were limits by being that small, independent business,” he said. “Now, by joining forces with Redwire and using the tools and realize that they bring to the table, it’s going to unshackle us now and let’s deliver quicker on the possibilities”
Rush stated the Redwire acquisition made sense than other approaches. “The conversations and the commonality of vision, that Pete and I have and also the broader Made In Space and Redwire groups have, is what really brought us together,” he said.
Made In Space will carry on its projects, like Archinaut, while looking to leverage the capacities of the other businesses. “In the coming months, we are going to start to work together and deliver new offerings to the marketplace for our customers that are integrated options,” Rush said.
For now Made In another Redwire and Space business will operate separately, but Cannito explained that beneath the Redwire name they’ll combine over time. “We are going to allow it to evolve naturally,” he said. “Many of the brands that are included in Redwire have a whole lot of history and meaning to their existing customer set, so we wish to admire that heritage.”
In addition, he opened the door . “We are actually trying to build this maximum agile middle-market player in space,” he said, searching for businesses”that realize that they have something very innovative however, by joining Redwire, can quicken their timelines significantly.”
Hurry will grow to be the chief operating officer of Redwire, whereas Mike Snyder will become chief technology officer in Redwire.

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