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On This Day In Space: Sept. 23, 1962: ‘The Jetsons’ premieres on ABC

On Sept. 23, 1962, “The Jetsons” first debuted on ABC. The Jetsons are a family who live in a fictional place called Orbit City with their dog Astro.

George Jetson, the dad in the family, works for a company called Spacely Space Sprockets and commutes to work in a vehicle that looks like a flying saucer.

A still from the opening of the 1960s cartoon show “The Jetsons.” (Image credit: Hanna Barbera/Warner Bros.)

The story is set in the year 2062, with plenty of futuristic and high-tech gadgets — like a robotic housekeeper Rosie.

The show was a tremendous success and has defined the way people imagine the future for decades.

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