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Loft Orbital awards Launching contract to deliver YAM-3 microsatellite into orbit on Falcon 9

Exolaunch, the top rideshare launch and deployment solutions provider, has declared a Launch Services Agreement with Loft Orbital to provide the YAM microsatellite of Loft Orbital into sun-synchronous orbit Falcon 9.

Under the arrangement, mission integration, deployment and management services will be delivered by Exolaunch to Loft Orbital, that works microsatellites and flies clients’ payloads as an agency. The launch is targeted for December 2020 and will be part of SpaceX’s SmallSat Rideshare Program.

Even the YAM-3 microsatellite will carry payloads including a Web of Things payload, an onboard freedom demonstration, a placement and demonstration and blockchain software, for the clients of Loft Orbital.

Employing a unique aggregation approach, Loft Orbital provides its clients end-to-end delivery and services of assignments to orbit a satellite bus. Its clients supply experiments, sensors or payloads while saving time and avoiding the complexity and costs of creating their own spacecraft.

YAM-3 will be set up Exolaunch ‘s separation method for microsatellites, together with CarboNIX in the Falcon 9 ESPA port. This launch will indicate the cooperation between Loft Orbital and Exolaunch. Besides the Falcon 9 mission, Exolaunch is place to arrange the launch and supply deployment services for the next microsatellite at 2021 of Loft Orbital.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Exolaunch for YAM-3’s launch. We have been tremendously impressed with the Exolaunch team along with the CarboNIX technology, and we’re excited about a long-term partnership with their group,” explained Pierre-Damien Vaujour, Co-CEO in Loft Orbital.

“Remaining satellite bus, payload and launch auto darkening is a core component of Loft Orbital’s value proposition, also YAM-3 is a choice example of the schedule benefits resulting from this strategy.”

Exolaunch secured launch potential to establish multiple satellites within SpaceX’s SmallSat Rideshare Program aboard Falcon 9. Exolaunch will offer complete rideshare mission management, integration and deployment services for the clients joining this launch. Exolaunch has and the company starts to release information on its manifest.

“Loft Orbital’s unique service of aggregating numerous payloads on their satellites addresses the business’s extreme requirement for reduced complexity and costs,” explained Jeanne Medvedeva, Commercial Director in Exolaunch. “We’re pleased to deploy the YAM-3 microsatellite into orbit using Falcon 9 and offer complete mission support for its launch, and we look forward to supporting added YAM launches in the future.”

For nearly one hundred satellites, launch campaigns have been successfully arranged by Exolaunch to date. The corporation’s experience in rideshare launches – in conjunction with its brand new multi-port adapters sequencers and CarboNIX shock-free separation methods – allows smallsat programmers to gain under the SmallSat Rideshare Program of SpaceX from mission direction.

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