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LatConnect 60 Chooses York operate and to build satellites

by — June 9, 2020
LatConnect, a company plans to launch its first satellite and to establish a first constellation of 3 satellites including multispectral imaging cameras and radio frequency detection sensors. Charge: LatConnect 60
SAN FRANCISCO – Foreign Earth monitoring startup LatConnect 60 announced plans June 9 to employ York Space Systems to operate its Earth monitoring constellation and to manufacture little satellites.
LatConnect 60, a company plans to start its first satellite and to establish a first constellation of 3 satellites with several payloads, including radio frequency detection sensors and multispectral imaging cameras.
By relying on artificial intelligence, every LatConnect 60 satellite will be”able to autonomously geolocate and process RF signals identified in order to trigger its imaging payload and another secondary payloads” to gather information, according to a June 9 news release. Data collected will be”fused and delivered to end users in an Activity Intelligence Report,” the release added.
“We firmly believe in LatConnect 60’s mission, especially as it serves to assist national safety surveillance efforts by the Australian government,” Dirk Wallinger, York Space Systems CEO, said in a statement. “We are ready to work with their staff with this constellation construct out to not only further highlight our delivery times and competitive price points but to also be part of the most recent innovation in distance .”
LatConnect 60 chosen York to”their style methodology, delivery and mission services plan,” LatConnect 60 CEO Venkat Pillay said in an statement. In addition, he praised”York’s quick delivery time, which is well under nine months and in an attractive price point.”
York Space Systems is expanding . The company, which attempts to mass manufacture tiny satellites for both commercial and government customers, unveiled a manufacturing facility in Denver in May that is three times the size of its own previous plant.
LatConnect 60 is developing a small satellite constellation to provide”significant Earth monitoring data required by the Australian government and a vast selection of commercial clients across the world,” according to the news release.
The LatConnect 60 site promotes:”high resolution satellite imagery and RF signal intelligence information gathered simultaneously multiple times each day from low earth orbit over Australia, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Americas.”

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