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Kayhan Space and Precious Payload Team to Boost Access to Space Traffic Management

Partnership brings Kayhan’s autonomous Pathfinder collision avoidance solutions to Precious Payload marketplace

PARIS, September 21, 2022 (Kayhan Space PR) – With satellite and mission operators grappling with unprecedented congestion in space, Kayhan Space and Precious Payload today announced a strategic partnership to provide more access to breakthrough spaceflight safety solutions.

As part of the collaborative agreement, Precious Payload will offer Pathfinder – Kayhan’s collision avoidance and conjunction assessment software – to satellite operators and space systems developers and integrators who are utilizing its comprehensive online workflow and solutions portal to build space mission capabilities.

Precious Payload offers operators a broad range of customized tools to design and deploy their tailored mission requirements, including Launch.ctrl marketplace for satellite launches, mission analysis, launch licensing, ground station development, insurance procurement, operations, and now a full suite of space traffic management software solutions.

“We are thrilled to align with Kayhan Space and seamlessly integrate its high-performance autonomous spaceflight safety tools via flexible service packages available on our marketplace,” said Andrew Maximov, Precious Payload CEO and Founder. “So many orbits have become extremely crowded and dangerous for launchers and space missions, and Precious Payload is committed to offering technologies like Kayhan’s collision avoidance and conjunction assessment innovations to help ensure the sustainability of space for our customers and future generations.”

“Satellite and mission operators must minimize their risks by proactively enhancing their spaceflight safety capabilities to optimize success in key orbits where increasing traffic and debris threatens the sustainability of space operations,” said Siamak Hesar, Kayhan Space CEO and Co-Founder. “Kayhan Space and Precious Payload share a strong dedication to spaceflight safety and sustainability, and we are excited to join this popular marketplace to deliver our complementary solutions in support of that all-important objective for operators.”

Kayhan Pathfinder™ delivers next-gen autonomous spaceflight safety systems that enable operators to make preemptive maneuvers based on precision analytics to avoid collisions in space.

The cloud-delivered offering utilizes proprietary advanced algorithms along with precise space catalog data, operators’ GPS positioning signals, propulsion capabilities, and flight plans to simulate, coordinate, and quickly generate optimal maneuver options in the event of a potential oncoming collision threat or conjunction. Pathfinder enhances communication and coordination capabilities across operators and delivers Coordinated Autonomous Avoidance Maneuvers™ in the event of conjunction between two operational satellites.

Users of the Precious Payload marketplace portal can now easily integrate Pathfinder in their overall mission plans and execution to proactively reduce operational risks in increasingly congested orbits.

The Kayhan Space roadmap leads to a spaceflight safety software solution that encompasses the full mission lifecycle – from launch and in-orbit collision avoidance maneuvers to deorbiting and decommissioning the spacecraft.

About Kayhan Space

Kayhan Space Corp. is making spaceflight safer with spaceflight safety software-as-a-service that enables satellite and mission operators to leverage precision data and real-time collaboration capabilities across the industry to anticipate and avoid conjunction events in space. Kayhan’s autonomous tools allow operators to coordinate safe avoidance maneuvers for all spacecraft and operators’ missions by reducing response time to collision events by more than 95%. The risk of a catastrophic collision in orbit is rapidly increasing with the number of satellites bound for space up ten-fold over the next decade. Kayhan’s next-gen spaceflight safety platform allows operators to run missions with confidence in increasingly busy but important orbits around the Earth. For more information, visit

About Precious Payload

Precious Payload is a US/UAE/German space tech company building software for engineering teams to design custom space missions from ready-made modules. Precious Payload’s product saves engineering time for space companies to work on what really matters: the technology. For more information, visit

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