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Intelsat, SES to Engage in the $9.7 B App of FCC o OneWeb States it Needs 48,000 satellites

Intelsat and SES formally notified the U.S. Federal Communications Commission May 26 they will take part in the bureau’s $9.7 billion hastened C-band spectrum draining program. The satellite operators estimate they will every need to spend $1.6 billion on new satellites, launches and ground infrastructure to clear 300 megahertz of spectrum from December 2023. The FCC is requiring firms that bid in its publicly run auction for spectrum to repay satellite operator relocation costs. The $9.7 billion hastened clearing program provides additional capital to incentivize satellite operators to maneuver from the spectrum two years faster. Intelsat is eligible to receive $4.86 billion of their accelerated clearing capital, and SES $3.97 billion. The FCC required both operators to take part before commencing the accelerated clearing program, which provides amounts. The deadline for all operators if they will engage to say of the FCC is May 29. [Intelsat/SES]
OneWeb told the FCC it needs to boost its size despite having filed for bankruptcy over an inability to fund a smaller megaconstellation. After launching just 74 satellites oneWeb is authorized to get a constellation of all 720 satellites, but declared bankruptcy. The British company said a 48,000-satellite constellation will”allow for greater flexibility to meet soaring global connectivity demands.” OneWeb said it’s received”considerable interest from parties globally,” in its attempt to sell its spectrum assets. [OneWeb]
The U.K.’s Ministry of Defence is expected to begin a contest in early June for the ground segment of its Skynet geostationary satellite community. Four bidders are expected to compete to the ground segment contract, which could see Airbus when the business’s recent contract expires replaced in August 2022. The MoD took contenders sign nondisclosure agreements, but the”Athena” team comprised of Inmarsat, Serco, and also the U.K. divisions of CGI and Lockheed Martin declared its intent to compete for the contract last year prior to the nondisclosures were executed. The space segment of Skynet was hampered by delays. The MoD and airbus have to finalize a contract to the Skynet-6A satellite, for which Airbus has been named the contractor in 2017. Skynet-6A is meant to serve as a satellite between the upcoming Skynet-6 satellites and also the fleet. [C4ISRNet]

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