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Hughes demonstrates Live, HD transmission over satellite

The HeloSat solution-including that a Hughes HM string modem with proprietary through-the-rotor waveform, fuselage-mounted antenna and community consistent, real-time, full-motion movie into a worldwide audience from the Black Hawk since it surveilled that the Tennessee landscape.

“Customers from as far away as Spain, India and the United Arab Emirates observed the Hughes HeloSat protest in Tennessee through livestream – the epitome of Beyond Line of Sight (BLoS) communications,” stated Wayne Marhefka, senior director, Hughes Defense.

“Throughout the 30-minute flight, HeloSat maintained the live-stream movie feed-something I’ve never seen on a rotary wing,” said John Wellington, chief flight instructor, XP Services Inc., and prior 160th Special Operations Aviation Regimen flight guide, who piloted the Black Hawk for the demonstration.

“Maintaining connectivity for the duration of the mission is critical, because when it is time to proceed, you will need to be ready to proceed.”

With the very minimal Size, Weight and Power (SWAP) necessary for in-flight applications, HeloSat has been examined over more than a dozen different kinds of rotary-wing aircraft. The wideband SATCOM alternative supports mission-critical transmissions ranging from basic voice and data to bandwidth-intensive, high definition camera and electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) feeds.

Spouses contributed to the success of the demonstration, such as XP Services, Intelsat and GetSat, DataPath Concept Group.

See a video recap of the Hughes HeloSat In-Flight Black Hawk demo .

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