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Good news, everyone! Hulu renews ‘Futurama’ for 2 more seasons

“Futurama’s” season 11 finale premiered on Sept. 25 during its most recent revival at Hulu. Legions of acolytes are already anticipating 2024’s next outing, which was inked in the streaming platform’s original deal for the cult sci-fi series back in 2022.

“Futurama,” which was created by “The Simpsons” veterans Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, centers around a dim-witted pizza delivery guy named Philip J. Fry who accidentally falls into a cryogenic chamber on New Year’s Eve back in 1999.

After a 1,000-year nap, Fry awakens into the 31st century landscape of dazzling science fiction dreams, where he connects with a one-eyed mutant named Leela and a brash, boozy robot called Bender.

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Hulu has just provided a supreme vote of confidence for “Futurama” by reinforcing its relationship with the quirky series and approving another two full seasons, which will extend the hilarity through season 14. Besides the 10 episodes already in the can for season 12 next year, that means 20 more chapters of kooky futuristic antics to look forward to.

It’s been a wild ride for “Futurama” since it first arrived on the scene as a 1999 Fox series, running for four seasons before it was unplugged in 2003. Comedy Central revived “Futurama” after a wave of fan interest in 2010 for a handful of split seasons, after cannibalizing a series of direct-to-DVD movies from 2007. (Yes, it’s pretty darn confusing!) The final installment of that incarnation of “Futurama” aired in September 2013, after a respectable run of 140 total episodes.

Retro promo poster for “Futurama” season 11. (Image credit: Hulu)

“Futurama’s” exceptional vocal cast includes John DiMaggio as Bender; Billy West playing Fry, Prof. Farnsworth and Dr. Zoidberg; Katey Segal as Leela; Tress MacNeille giving voice to Leela’s mom, Linda and Nerdbot; Phil LaMarr as Hermes; Lauren Tom portraying Amy; and Maurice LaMarche as Calculon, Kif and Morbo.

Produced by 20th Television Animation, “Futurama’s” season 13 and 14 are expected to arrive between 2024 and 2025 on Hulu from 20th Television Animation.

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