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Darth Vader’s vile Jedi-killers are on the hunt in Marvel Comics’ ‘Star Wars: Inquisitors’

The Imperial Inquisitors of the “Star Wars” universe are an imposing group.

Tasked with hunting down and eliminating members of the Jedi Order after the declaration of Order 66, these fierce and unrelenting band of assassins have been dispatched across the cosmos to exterminate the remaining members of those noble space knights who were once the guardians of galactic peace and justice.

Marvel Comics is delving further into those dastardly Dark Side hunters with a new miniseries this summer titled “Star Wars: Inquisitors,” and we’ve got a first peek at three sinister covers and details of the plot line that will explore more of these stone cold killers operating after the Great Jedi Purge.

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Penned by the award winning writer/producer Rodney Barnes (“Killadelphia,” “Star Wars: Ahsoka”), with interior art from illustrator Ramon Rosanas (“Star Wars,” “The Astonishing Ant-Man”),”Inquisitors” lands July 3 and follows the Empire’s merciless minions as they set their sights on a mysterious  Jedi target to destroy.

Here’s the official synopsis:


“Weapons of the Emperor, sent out into the galaxy to track down and kill any Jedi who survived Order 66, the ruthless Inquisitors are among the most skilled and deadly threats to those who served the light side of the Force. Buried in the annals of Jedi lore is the story of Tensu Run, the Jedi who faced the Inquisitors and Darth Vader! What became of him, and why did the Empire so greatly fear his existence?”

Alex Maleev’s variant cover for “Star Wars: Inquisitors #1.” (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The Force-flinging Inquisitors first arrived on the scene in the animated series “Star Wars Rebels,” prior to being showcased in live action for Disney+’s “Obi-Wan Kenobi.” These cunning disciples of Darth Vader, who report directly to the Grand Inquisitor, also made their evil presence known in the video game “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.”

Walt Simonson’s variant cover for “Star Wars: Inquisitors #1.” (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

“It’s such an honor to be writing the very first Inquisitors solo story!” Barnes told “I love this time period of ‘Star Wars’ lore because it’s the one I grew up on — when Darth Vader and the Empire were imposing their will on the entire galaxy. Plus, I got to create an all-new legendary Jedi with Tensu Run! Truly the best of times!”

Marvel’s “Star Wars: Inquisitors #1” debuts on July 3 with a main cover by artist Nick Bradshaw and special variants by Alex Maleev and the great Walt Simonson.

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