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All the ‘Star Trek’ news we found from San Diego Comic-Con 2023

It seems like we’ve only just managed to get past the pandemic and yet now there’s a whole heap of fresh problems facing the convention scene. We are of course talking about the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, which are further compounded by the Streaming Wars™. 

What does all of this boil down to? Well, San Diego Comic-Con 2023 (SDCC) was a significantly smaller-scale affair than previous years. No Marvel or DC or HBO, and Amazon Prime cancelled a whole bunch of events. Even William Shatner cancelled his Hall H talk. That said, nothing will ever beat the carnival atmosphere that takes over the whole of downtown San Diego and the Gaslamp District, and as the local press reported, every hotel was fully booked and the crowds still came.

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Without a doubt, this year’s “Star Trek” Universe panel was the biggest event at SDCC, which in of itself is a little bit of a shame, as it’s always nice to have several panels competing for that coveted title. Regardless, here’s a rundown of all the latest Trek-related news and announcements.