Alpha Data Previews Versal Core Development Kit for Space 2.0


Alpha Data announces their Versal Core Development Kit for Space 2.0 – the ADK-VA600 – enabling the next generation of adaptable data processing in Space.

EDINBURGH, Scotland (Alpha Data PR) — Alpha Data, in collaboration with Xilinx, Texas Instruments, Teledyne e2v and Infineon Technologies are delighted to announce their Versal Core Development Kit for Space 2.0, the ADK-VA600, based on the revolutionary Xilinx XQR Versal AI Core VC1902 ACAP.

ADK-VA600 builds on a long heritage of leading-edge products for extreme environments and demonstrates a complete radiation-tolerant solution for adaptable data processing in proton environments.

The Xilinx XQR Versal AI Core VC1902 ACAP, announced today at the Xilinx ADAPT Conference, enables a step-increase in processing capability for SWAP constrained missions.  The ADK-VA600 provides a complete radiation tolerant reference design featuring Space-Enhanced Plastics (SEP) power management and critical system monitoring devices from Texas Instruments, Rad-Tolerant DDR4 memories from Teledyne e2v and Rad-Tolerant Flash memory from Infineon Technologies.

Critically, the ADK-VA600 is designed to be a space-enhanced product. Specifically designed for multi-year missions in extreme environments including low-earth orbit, the 6U VPX form factor is suitable for lab development, while the 6U Space VPX version is available for rapid deployment.

Alpha Data’s ADK-VA600 also includes an Infineon Space Plastic flash memory for self-configuration as well as an accessible front panel VITA 57.4 FMC+ site for advanced IO and Data Converter module connectivity. The VPX Rear Transition Module provides further IO flexibility, advanced system monitoring, test access and target scrubbing features.

We are excited to announce our Versal Core Development Kit for Space 2.0,” commented David Miller, Managing Director of Alpha Data. “This latest collaboration with our partners Xilinx, Texas Instruments, Teledyne e2v and Infineon Technologies enables customers to rapidly develop a complete processing solution, reducing costs and time to launch.”

ADK-VA600 will begin shipping in Q1 2022.

About Alpha Data:

Alpha Data is a world leader in the FPGA-based acceleration boards used in data centers,

high-performance computing, and rugged embedded computing worldwide. With design centers in both the US and the UK, Alpha Data’s team of highly skilled engineers provide an international customer base with high-reliability, state-of-the-art solutions for computationally intensive applications.

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