New Science Channel series ‘Killers Of The Cosmos’ premieres Sept. 19


A new TV series starring Aiden Gillen (Game Of Thrones, The Wire) “Killers Of The Cosmos” is coming to the Science Channel and Discovery+ streaming service and will premiere Sept. 19 9pm ET/PT.

The series, which mixes science with film noir, sees Gillen playing a detective who has a new case to solve in each episode as Earth is under attack from above. Aided by a mysterious informant, the detective uses evidence to examine each disaster-in-the-making via a range of experts who have studied some of science’s most unbelievable wonders.

“Killers Of The Cosmos” will also be available to stream on Discovery+ and will feature threats such as: Supermassive black holes, deadly gamma-ray bursts, rogue asteroids, dark energy and supernovas.

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