Why America Should Suddenly Prepare For A Billion-Dollar ‘Internet Apocalypse’ Caused By The Sun

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Our Sun is waking up—and it could have devastating consequences for the Internet, particularly in North America, if a “black swan event” like a solar superstorm occurs.

As reported by SpaceWeather.com, a “solar tsunami” occurred on the surface of the Sun last Thursday. A mass of charged solar particles hurtled towards us and were expected to arrive at Earth on Monday. It could be joined on Tuesday and Wednesday by the leftovers of a solar flare on Saturday to produce a G1-class geomagnetic storm.

We know the Sun is getting more active as it enters a new Solar Cycle with some predicting it could be the strongest since records began.

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Earth will cope this time—but what about the 1.6% to 12% chance that a huge solar superstorm occurs? And we—and our internet—prepared for such an event?”

Like the coronavirus pandemic, apparently not.

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