Xenesis Welcomes Campbell Macfarlane to its’ Advisory Board

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Chicago, IL- July 5, 2021- Xenesis, Inc., a leading innovator in free-space optical communications technology for the space telecommunications industry announced the appointment of Campbell Macfarlane to its’ Advisory Board. Campbell is the former President of OneWeb Enterprise Business and currently holds a position as Senior Vice President of Global Business Development & Strategic Bids at Orange Business Services. Over the last 30 years, Campbell has worked in the global arena for BT, Orange, and OneWeb he has a proven track record of leading large-scale innovative initiatives and Strategic Sales for some of his largest Enterprise clients.  He has worked for many years in expanding growth regions including Asia, Central Eastern Europe & Russia, and significantly across the US & Canada.

Campbell Macfarlane

Campbell went on record to say “I believe Optical space communications will become a real game-changing communication technology,  moving vast quantities of data across space at light speed and offering a much higher level of security will be foremost in large Enterprise business considerations of the future,  notwithstanding the commercial advantage that will bring,   Xenesis is well placed to be at the forefront.”

Campbell Macfarlane’s recent addition to the Xenesis Advisory Board is very exciting. Campbell’s knowledge, success, and pedigree within the industry is very well known and respected. It speaks volumes of the trust and belief he has in the Xenesis’ Team and their Optical Telecommunications Services Offering, that Campbell accepted the position to advise Xenesis’ Team. Campbell’s experience over the years in working with British Telcom (BT), OneWeb, and Orange Business Services give Xenesis an industry-established Advisory Board Member and future Board Member. “Campbell brings a depth of expertise to the Team here at Xenesis, that we’ve needed for some time. Whilst he won’t be involved in daily operations, having his advice on matters of policy, mission, and go to market is quite frankly, priceless. We are blessed to know and work with him”, says Mark LaPenna, Xenesis’ CEO and Founder

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