The SpaceFund targets transformational space technologies


Rick Tumlinson has always had a vision for space development which is why he co-founded the Space Frontier Foundation in 1988 and the SpaceFund in 2018.

Over the years Tumlinson has worked towards making that vision a reality, and through his various endeavours has helped many a startup. In 2018 he decided to take another step by creating SpaceFund, a traditional venture capital fund, but with a modern day twist.

In this weeks SpaceQ podcast, Rick Tumlinson is our guest. We’re going to be talking about venture capital, startups and transformational space technologies. Tumlinson is also the founder of the EarthLight Foundation and in 2012 co-founded Deep Space Industries.

Today, we’ll revisit some of Tumlinson’s history but focus primarily on the SpaceFund. To use Tumlinson’s words, the SpaceFund “enables the development of space by bringing Visionary investors together with brilliant entrepreneurs.”

The SpaceFund currently has two funds. A $1 million traditional VC fund and a more ambitious $50-$70 million fund using security tokens.


Listen Here:

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