Space-focused business unit is established by amazon Web Services


by — June 30, 2020
Amazon Web Services’ new Aerospace and Satellite Solutions business division follows the organization’s entry. Credit: AWS
WASHINGTON — Amazon Web Services is increasing its effort to market cloud services to the space industry through the creation of a dedicated business segment referred to as”Aerospace and Satellite Solutions.”
“AWS is committed to supporting our customers’ missions, even people outside the Earth’s atmosphere,” Teresa Carlson, vice president of global public sector at AWS, said through a digital summit June 30. “The Earth and also space-based systems we build now will inform just about any decision we make over the years to come. We want to bring all those AWS tools to bear to help our customers succeed in distance ”

AWS stands Maxar Technologies, Lockheed Martin , synthetic aperture radar startup Capella Space and intelligence and investigation firm Geollect. Satellite Solutions business and the Aerospace assembles also a related AWS business, off AWS Ground Station introduced in 2018 centered on supplying communications services to satellites.
AWS said its own cloud providers can encourage secure satellite connectivity remote mission operations, image processing, edge computing and software for space customers.
The push into the space sector of AWS may result in increased competition with Microsoft, whose satellite operators were gained by Azure cloud business Inmarsat Intelsat, SES and Viasat .
Microsoft Azure bested AWS year to $10 billion to the Pentagon Joint Enterprise Defense cloud services contract, worth up. AWS is currently contesting the award.
Amazon has been steadily growing its presence in the space industry in the past few years an initiative to present broadband by means of a constellation of 3,236 satellites in low Earth orbit, during Project Kuiper. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder possesses the space launch firm Blue Origin, that is currently preparing to start the new New Glenn rocket in 2021 and also launches the suborbital New Shepard rocket.

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