Spaceflight Inc.. Evidence Multi-Launch Agreement with SpaceX for Rideshare Services


Spaceflight Inc., the major satellite rideshare and mission management supplier, has declared it inked an agreement with SpaceX to fasten rideshare capacity on several launches.

This arrangement between the two companies secures Spaceflight ability to launch establish payloads on SpaceX launches providing launching program assurance to clients.

“By offering various launch choices, we can better satisfy our customer’s specific launch needs and offer enhanced launching flexibility,” said Curt Blake, president and CEO of Spaceflight. “This arrangement with SpaceX will be especially appealing to smallsat clients.

Options are offered by the consistent launching program coupled with our deep experience in mission integration and management services of spaceX with increased reliability. This arrangement will allow us to pack multiple payloads onto a single port to significantly decrease the price per spacecraft for the end-customer.”

As per a recent research survey by Bryce Space and Technology, delays are commonplace throughout the launch industry. “Launch delays are unavoidable and are generally out of their constraint of rideshare clients.

So as to provide launching flexibility and minimize the effects of significant delays, it’s critical to have ability on a wide selection of launches to readily re-manifest clients from 1 launch to a different,” said Devon Papandrew, vice president of business operations at Spaceflight.

“With this guaranteed potential with SpaceX enhances our clients’ chances of having on orbit whenever they will need to and helps us ensure flights will be as full as possible, reducing prices for minimizing environmental impacts.”

The arrangement builds on a relationship between the two companies. SpaceX and spaceflight have partnered including SSO-A, the first mission together using 64 smallsats aboard a Falcon 9 in December 2018.

Additionally, Spaceflight and SpaceX teamed up on the very first rideshare mission to Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit carrying a commercial lunar lander. Spaceflight also announced it will establish two rideshare payloads aboard the tenth Starlink mission of SpaceX, marking the SpaceX Starlink mission that will be accompanied by Spaceflight rideshare payloads.

“Spaceflight is one of the most experienced firms offering mission integration and management services to smallsat operators, and we are pleased to provide their clients the best launch solution available on the market,” states SpaceX Vice President of Commercial Sales Tom Ochinero.

“Collectively, Spaceflight and SpaceX are providing little satellite operators access to space in the most reliable and cost-effective way possible”

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