DoD space strategy highlights part of private business


by — June 17, 2020
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy Steve Kitay. Credit: DoD
DoD says that the increase of commercial space capacities has additional complexity to the distance environment.
WASHINGTON — The space race which has propelled improvements in engineering and science also has experienced broad implications for national security, DoD points from a plan document.
“Quick increases in commercial and international space activities globally add to the complexity of the space environment,” says that the 2020 Defense Space Strategy.
“The same actions, but also create challenges in safeguarding critical engineering, ensuring operational safety, and maintaining strategic advantages,” says the document.
A rapid expansion of industrial activities in area in recent years — along with the development of”great power contest” — have radically changed the space realm, the DoD approach says. “The actions, intentions, and military plans of potential adversaries have transformed distance into a warfighting domainname. In parallel, growth in allied, spouse, and commercial space capabilities has additional complexity into the distance operating environment while creating an unprecedented level of collaborative opportunities.”
Adversaries are currently Implementing technological progress in the space industry at discounted prices and broader accessibility to enlarge their distance technologies and capacities, the document says.
The availability of technologies that are commoditized and reduced barriers for market entrance make for a space industry is helpful to the United States, says the report. “The DoD has an opportunity to leverage economical and innovation investments driven by the private industry, presenting opportunities for collaboration to come up with game-changing capacities with a more compact and responsive acquisition procedure.”

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