Kathy Lueders Selected to Lead NASA’s Human Spaceflight Office


NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine Friday selected Commercial Crew Program Manager Kathy Lueders to be the agency’s next partner administrator of the Human Exploration and Operations (HEO) Mission Directorate. Since 2014, Lueders has directed NASA’s efforts to deliver astronauts to space on spacecraft , which culminated in the successful launching of Demo-2 on May 30 in the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

“Kathy gives us the extraordinary experience and enthusiasm we need to continue to move forward with Artemis and our goal of landing the first girl and the next man on the Moon from 2024,” explained Bridenstine.

“She’s a deep interest in developing commercial markets in distance , dating back to her first work on the shuttle program. From Commercial Crew and now Commercial Cargo, she’s safely and successfully assisted push expand our state’s industrial base. Kathy’s the ideal person to extend the distance market to the lunar area and get the ambitious targets we have been given.”

The appointment takes effect instantly. Steve Stich is named Commercial Crew Program Manager, and Ken Bowersox returns to his job.

Lueders began her NASA career in 1992 in New Mexico. She moved into the International Space Station Program and served as transportation gateway manager, in which she headed cargo resupply solutions into the space channel.

She was responsible for NASA supervision of international partner spacecraft Going to the space station, including the European Space Agency’s Automated Transfer Vehicle, the H-II Transfer Vehicle of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, and the Russian space agency Roscosmos’ Soyuz and Progress spacecraft. As behaving Commercial Crew Program Manager in 2013 she went into Kennedy and has been selected as the head of their workplace in 2014.

Lueders has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from New Mexico’s University and a Bachelor of Science and Master.

“I want to thank Ken and the total HEO team to their continuous assistance of Kathy in making Commercial Crew such a victory,” additional Bridenstine.

“I know they will give her the exact same support as she moves out in her new character. This is a critical time for HEO and for the service. We need to bring Doug and Bob home safely and we are not likely to drop focus. We have our sights set on the Moon and even deeper into space, and Kathy is going to help lead us .”

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