Planet Announces 50cm SkySat Vision


Operator of history’s largest fleet of tanks, Ground, has announced three new product releases as part of their tasking offerings. These releases not only enhance the vision for analysis, but also reduce friction to acquire that data.

Resolution 50 cm vision. In only six months, Planet successfully lowered their SkySat constellation to enhance the resolution of their SkySat vision from 80 cm . This advancement enables customers to find a view of changing conditions on the floor and provides conclusion and more subdued context. This is particularly important for commercial and government mapping application cases, where seeing features that are smaller like street surface markers are crucial.

Tasking Dashboard. Planet wants to democratize access to their resources, and have noticed a need to have easier and faster workflows. Earth’s imaging pipeline and shipping infrastructure have been constructed in the cloud and Tasking Dashboard and API will be that foundation’s most recent results.

The Tasking Dashboard is a new user interface that enables clients to ask SkySat collections, even while our new API provides effective, automated accessInstead of spending precious time traveling back and forth with a human rep, together with the Tasking Dashboard and API, clients can autonomously submit, modify and cancel SkySat vision requests. This enables visibility from order to excellence, so expectations could be managed with analysts and groups.

Rapid Revisit: Up to 12x capabilities. While Earth direct the market with ensured revisit, Planet will be allowed by the upcoming launch of six SkySats to image certain locations up to 12 times every day and a global average of 7 times every day. This capability empower imaging sometimes of the day formerly unseen by satellites and will provide more rapid reaction.

Planet continues to employ an aerospace approach to their SkySat offerings to support their growing client base, from industrial forestry, civil and federal authorities, energy and much more. These goods improvements are crucial components of our mission to democratize access giving crucial intelligence to organizations and customers whenever they need it .

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