Citadel Defense launches Deepfake AI to Reduce drone attacks on government and Army assets


Citadel Defense, a proven innovator in full spectrum counter drone alternatives, has released new software comprising deepfake networks to protect against spoofing tactics. This capability helps U.S. and allied forces combat growing enemy approaches that attempt to confuse present safety intelligence gear as digital warfare escalates.

Citadel was the first company to utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning how to counter system dangers. By using Generative Adversarial Networks from the Titan C-UAS alternative the company has taken a quantum leap forward.

Christopher Williams, CEO of Citadel Defense clarifies,”Much like anti-virus programs have methods to detect software exploits, Titan has automatic methods that defend against spoofing exploits. Adding new profound learning abilities to Titan helps to blind the drone-equipped enemy and deny them any benefit or safe harbor in contested and complex radiofrequency environments”

Employing proprietary image generation algorithms, Citadel has developed discrimination classification models that help determine whether the signal found is a signal or a real drone .

All too frequently, technology providers are promising service for”some” new drone dangers in a release that’s”launching shortly”. If your clients face genuine dangers to security,”Some is not a number and shortly is not a time,” says Williams. “In Citadel, our alternative design principles are providing scalable, comprehensive, intuitive, mission-proven and AI-powered capacity with unprecedented speed to the client.”

As using drones and systems proliferate on the battle, Citadel is quickly equipping authorities and militaries to stay ahead of this drone threat.

In the last 3 months, Citadel has coached over 500 military and law enforcement operators about emerging threat tactics and technology that was Titan. With the Organization’s Most Up-to-date software release Titan systems are being updated More than 100

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